Tempting Destiny



Centuries of oppression may doom the magical kingdom!


Mirela unites with a vampire born of evil. She’s a human destined to rule beside the vampire prince. After she follows him beyond death to a secret realm under the sea, she discovers her innate powers and more surprises. The king brings his death march to her, intent on killing her, and changing destiny. When the stakes are highest, can she find the strength to defeat a greater power?

The Vampire Prince Draven has fought for centuries against death’s minions. It has been a long, bloody battle and it’s not over yet. He is faced with unforeseen challenges, and the burden of saving the kingdom rests on his shoulders. His future with Mirela, and that of the kingdom, depends on him. Can he ensure their destiny and see an ancient prophecy through to the end?

In this heart-pounding tale, Draven and Mirela fight to overcome impossible odds to hold onto a future, predicted centuries before. Together they must forge a path to victory against the servants of death, before evil consumes all goodness.


“This series will take your breath away! It’s filled with wonder, excitement, adventure, war, love, longing, vampires, gods, unbound evil, magic, and sorcery!” ~ Holly

“A great series full of excellent characters that were very relatable, with excellent relationships. There’s treachery, fighting, magic, vampires, love a bit of everything.

So much happens, is discovered, friendships made, love is found, people find out about family they didn’t know about. It’s just a great series to read. ~ arlc

“The story has substance and depth, it’s not just a fluff piece. It’s really engaging.” ~ ladycolor7

Tempting Destiny:

This novel was previously published as a series: Moon Tide/Blood Oath/Noble Guardian/Eternal Sanctuary and was available as a bundle: Immortal Prophecy: Complete Series. The book Tempting Destiny includes the entire story that was originally published. There have been no changes to the narrative.

Author’s Note: The story of Mirela and Draven were inspired by the Greek myth about Persephone and Hades. It’s loosely based on that Greek myth that tells how Persephone becomes the queen of the underworld through her abduction and subsequent marriage to Hades, the god of the underworld.


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