Night's Specter



Night’s Specter

Natural Witches Book 3


Psychic Jaime Sanders faces a ghost who is seeking revenge. Before she has any chance of resolving the ghostly issue, she must solve a murder mystery. And while she attempts to get the irate ghost to cooperate in that investigation, Jaime has more issues on her hands at home. A nefarious band of sorcerers are after her daughter, Abigail, and they might succeed in stealing her away.

Dealing with an angry ghost and fending off powerful sorcerers is only the start of Jaime’s troubles. She and her witchy sisters have their hands full. They must rely on the power of three to save Jaime’s daughter and to solve the mystery of a woman’s murder.

Natural Witches Series

Each book is one of Jaime’s adventures. She and her sisters were born natural witches. Danger finds them, and it’s one crisis after the other. That leaves them no choice but to use the power of three to overcome their enemies. The tales of Jaime and her family are filled with ghosts, witches, sorcerers, and much more!

Books In This Series

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