Eternal Sanctuary



Eternal Sanctuary

Immortal Prophecy Book Four

Centuries of oppression may doom the kingdom.

Evil resurges and is stronger than ever.

Mirela’s sorcery and vampire skills may not be enough. She fights for her love but must dig deep for more ability. The king brings his death march to her, intent on killing her, and changing destiny. When the stakes are highest, can she find the strength to defeat a greater power?

Draven has fought for centuries against death’s minions. It has been a long, bloody battle and it’s not over yet. He is faced with unforeseen challenges, and the burden of saving the kingdom rests on his shoulders. His future with Mirela, and that of the kingdom, depends on him. Can he ensure their destiny and see the immortal prophecy through to the end?

In this heart-pounding conclusion to Immortal Prophecy, discover if Draven and Mirela can overcome impossible odds to hold onto a future, predicted centuries before.

Immortal Prophecy – A 4 Novel Series

Moon Tide

Blood Oath

Noble Guardian

Eternal Sanctuary

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