Soul Legacy

Natural Witches Book 4


Jaime uses her psychic ability to assist Ian with a new case. Several women have gone missing from a nearby town and there are rumors that the waterfall in the mountains is haunted. The ghostly voices of women crying in the mountain water might be linked to the case. Jaime’s kids and her sisters play a role in helping to resolve a dire situation, but black magic might be their undoing.

Elijah is in rare form, and furious over a recent failure. He and his Nefarious band will use their sorcery to wipe out the beauty of the mountains and control all magic, especially the power of the Sanders witches. But Jaime has a new ally since Eve has joined her family. She was trained in black magic by Elijah and that just might backfire. And there is another surprise for the sorcerers, a spirit of the past who they thought had been left behind.

Natural Witches Series

Each book is one of Jaime’s adventures. She and her sisters were born natural witches. Danger finds them, and it’s one crisis after the other. That leaves them no choice but to use the power of three to overcome their enemies. The tales of Jaime and her family are filled with ghosts, witches, sorcerers, and much more!

Books In This Series

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