Noble Guardian


Noble Guardian (Immortal Prophecy Book 3) – Available Now!


The vampire prince fights for the future of his realm.


Enemies target Mirela, determined to possess her at all costs. King Alban wants to kill her, but not before slow torture by his hand. Mirela is the key to the immortal prophecy, so must dig deep to thwart the attacks against her. She discovers how much she means to her only true love, then learns to protect herself with abilities of her own. She’s determined to be Draven’s equal and to rule by his side.

Draven strives to protect Mirela. But no matter what he does danger finds her. He discovers that he cannot always protect her, and fears that his evil side will surface. He discovers traitors within his ranks and his enemies ramp up their efforts. His guilt and the abuse from his youth weigh heavily upon him. Yet he must be true to what he stands for and not allow his enemies to win. If the prophecy is to come true, he must make it happen.

Draven must forge a path to victory against the servants of death, before evil consumes all goodness.

Immortal Prophecy – a 4 novel series

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Noble Guardian

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