Immortal Prophecy: CompleteSeries


Immortal Prophecy: Complete Series


The Immortal Prophecy tale of Draven and Mirela is bundled into one set for easy reading! In this 4-novel series: An ancient prophecy foretold that Mirela would unite with the vampire prince. He was her destiny and her soul mate. He has fought for centuries against the evil ruler of the underworld. It has been a long, bloody battle and it’s not over yet.

The vampire prince is faced with unforeseen challenges, and the burden of saving the kingdom rests on his shoulders. His future with Mirela, and that of the kingdom, depends on him. He faces impossible odds to hold onto a future, predicted centuries before.

Inspired by a Greek myth, this is a vampire story that you will have trouble putting down. You won’t have to – the complete story is included in the newly released – Immortal Prophecy: Complete Series. Enjoy!